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  • Russell Dalgleish


    Your audience will be energized by one of the most invigorating keynote speakers on the topics of Leadership, Business Growth and Innovation. He is a regular inspirational speaker at events on Leadership in Business and has spoken at conferences from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi to China.


    His well known leadership speech, BRAVE, inspires leaders from all levels to reach out and become more visible by taking small “old fashioned” steps to create new opportunities. When audiences leave that meeting room, they have actionable steps to make immediate positive changes in all aspects of their lives.


    One of the great things about Russell’s entertaining keynote are the personal examples he offers from his own business life. When you book keynote speaker Russell Dalgleish to take your stage, you can be assured that he’s done the research to bring relevant real life examples that will give your audience specific, actionable steps to take back to the office and inspire them to start immediately. You’ll love his professionalism, tailored approach, and sense of humor.


    Russell’s success has been commemorated in a number of ways, but most notably by sculptor Anthony Gormley. He was turned into a living statue, fully kilted, on a plinth in Trafalgar Square for charity.


    Linkedin / @RussellExolta / russell@sbn.scot

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  • Phillip Bruner

    Founder & CEO

    "..Russell took my call and without any hesitation provided me with the most insightful guidance on the very specific challenge we faced. His willingness to pay it forward, without any expectations, was remarkable and inspirational. There are a small number of people in this busy world who will make time for a stranger in need of advice. Those who do without hesitation we call leaders."


    Miriam Adcock

    Project Manager

    "Russell was so inspirational, giving practical tips that could apply to a multi-national as much as to a small self-catering business like ours. He also went above and beyond expectations by giving personalised advice by email - with some great tips that we hadn't even considered before. A great figurehead for Scottish business around the world."


    Emma Herdman

    Sales Executive

    "Russell asked immediately what I did and somehow worked out within 30 seconds the advice I needed!! His talk to the group went on to provide clarity, insight and inspiration. I picked up some tips and actions to do straight away. All delivered in the true Scottish style of humour and energy. Thank you Russell!"

    Gregory Chauvet

    Founder & CEO

    "Russell not only provides the most insightful LinkedIn posts, but is also always ready to help and to bring the business community together..he is forward-thinking and a thought provoking individual...Loveable!"

    Ellen Kerr


    "It was a privilege to have Russell Dalgleish, inspiring serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker join us... I have had the pleasure of working with many of the brightest minds but Russell ranks among the very best speakers I’ve ever encountered. His speeches on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship have influenced industry leaders in many parts of the world. Russell gave fundamental advice and guidance to our future digital leaders, on top of spending the whole day at our event he gave an inspiring motivational speech at the key speaker’s summit. We really enjoyed having Russell on board and we look forward to having him back."

    Benedetto Bordone

    Founder & Creative Director

    "Russell is a truly potent and inspirational speaker. He really gets people, what drives them, what motivates them and what makes them tick - all crucial in building successful businesses. He understands the importance of the human element and is a rocket-ship of wisdom and energy. Highly recommended."

    Stuart M.


    "Russell's message and delivery was truly inspirational and the audience enjoyed the experience immensely. Russell has a charming and persuasive manner which engages the audience and leaves them feeling inspired."

    Flynn Elkington


    "Be BRAVE and you will win!

    Thanks [Russell] for taking the time to pass on your insight and advice on international trading...Could be a game changer for us and your talk has reinvigorated our development of online video learning and production services."

  • Who is the "opportunity optimist"?

    Also known as, "The Tall Scottish Guy"...

    As one of the most connected Scottish businessman, Russell's objective is to motivate entrepreneurs and business leaders to inspire, innovate and grow.
    Regularly appearing on lists of top 100 most influential entrepreneurs, he was also recently named on the Maserati 100 – a list of Britain’s business leaders doing the most to promote and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. His passion for growing Scottish businesses internationally with export was recognised by the Scottish Government who have appointed him to the Scottish Board of Trade.

    Russell Dalgleish is one of the foremost speakers on Entrepreneurship in the UK today. He not only inspires others by providing an insight into the world of the Entrepreneur, but he personally remains very active in the world of business through a range of investments and advisory positions. He’s described as an ‘Opportunity Optimist’.


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